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Quality Assurance


Trinity Engineering Associates is an exceptionally capable supplier of Quality Assurance services, particularly for nuclear and other high-risk applications. Trinity provides a broad spectrum of Quality Assurance services including

  • Program development and consultation on program structure,
  • Management assessments and other internal assessments to determine program compliance prior to certification audits
  • Audit support to organizations performing audits.
  • Training on Quality Assurance

Trinity can assist clients in the implementation and registration of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems (EMS). ISO 14000 is the world recognized standard for EMS with over 20,000 registered companies world-wide. Registration of your EMS gives your system credibility, enhances your working relationship with regulatory boards, improves the impact your organization has on the environment and becomes a source of pride to your employees and stakeholders. Successful EMS has even reduced costs associated with environmental compliance. For example, Trinity can:

  • Provide a gap analysis of your current system to assess your level of compliance,
  • Provide the initial registration audit and issue your certification after the successful completion of requirements, and
  • Provide follow-up surveillance audits.

For additional information about Trinity�s capabilities and services in the field of Quality Assurance, contact Kim Wood at (513) 521-3515 or krw-AT-trinityea.com.

Qualifications and Past Experience

Trinity has a long history of auditing highly regulated processes and industries. Trinity�s staff includes Certified Lead Quality Auditors and ASME NQA Certified Lead Auditors, and Registrar Accreditation Board Certified Quality Auditors. Trinity Engineering Associates has special expertise with historically difficult elements of quality assurance such as nuclear software quality and commercial grade dedication of safety-related structures, systems, and components.

Trinity has provided many Federal Agencies with Quality Assurance oversight and/or implementation support. For many years, Trinity supported of U.S. EPA�s Office of Radiation and Indoor Air (ORIA) by performing audits and inspections of Department of Energy Transuranic waste program sites based upon NQA-1, 2, and 3 as part of EPA's regulation of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. TEA has also provided NQA audit support to the US Department of Energy Environmental Management organization in support of their quality efforts at major waste treatment and disposal projects across the US. This support has included quality auditing, assessments as part of Construction Project Reviews for line-item capital prjects, and both developing and providing training to vendors and DOE staff.