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Information Technology and Software Development


Trinity provides information technology (IT) consulting services in networking, application development, and connectivity. Among the IT services Trinity provides are:

  • Web Development,
  • Database Management, and
  • Software Programming
  • Work Station and Server builds
  • Network consulting

Trinity is a member of the Microsoft partner program. For additional information about Trinity´┐Żs capabilities and services in the field of Information Technology and Software Development, contact Kim Wood at (513) 521-3515 or krw-AT-trinityea.com.

Qualifications and Past Experience

Trinity's programming staff has developed web sites, intranets, and front or back end database systems for either public or secure access to information, including setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPN) for secure access to network resources. Trinity has expertise in databases using SQL Server, ORACLE, and Access, among others; has active development projects in Visual Studio (including .NET technologies), FORTRAN, HTML, XML, and other web technologies. Trinity has developed small business networks that include dedicated broadband internet access, email servers, database servers, as well as other application servers. Trinity's programming staff have special expertise in technical software development and maintenance, including FORTRAN applications operating in either native or mixed environments. Our software engineers are also experienced in moving legacy applications to newer development environments to promote reliability and maintenance.