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TEA Trinity Engineering Associates

What We Do

We apply our expertise across a variety of technical topics to help our clients meet their goals in the topics of emergency response, hazards analyses and environmental modeling, quality assurance, and information technology. Our emergency response expertise includes exercise development and evaluation, training for responders and managers, and support for response actions. Our environmental practice supports regulation and assessment of nuclear facilities, performs analysis for regulatory authorities in support of rulemakings, analyzes impacts for Environmental Impact Statements, and provides expert witness testimony. Our quality assurance personnel support program development, audits, and assessments of quality affecting activities at projects across the United States. We have a special expertise in nuclear quality assurance and quality assurance for environmental projects.  Our IT group develops technical modeling software, builds technical workstations and business computing systems, and develops networking solutions for organizations having both fixed and mobile workers. More...

For more information on our services to clients who can access the Federal General Services Administration supply contracts, we have a GSA schedule contract under Environmental Services. More...

Who We Are

Our wide variety of services requires us to have a highly trained, experienced staff with a skill in many technical topics. Accordingly, our staff and associated consultants include emergency response specialists, engineers, software developers and information technology specialists, and certified quality assurance experts. The staff technical backgrounds are as diverse as our workscope, and includes nurses, nuclear engineers, chemists, hydro-geologists, and software engineers. We believe our staff has the diversity of skills necessary to develop innovative approaches to solving problems, while also having the depth of knowledge and experience to provide high quality technical support to our clients. We believe research and training are important to maintaining our capabilities, and support our staff to perform independent research for publication or presentation. One result of our commitment to ongoing research is our patent for an advanced directional neutron detector.

Management Philosophy

Effective client support couples strong technical capability with a solid management approach. Trinity´┐Żs management philosophy includes several basic principles:

  • The needs of the client come first
  • Project Managers are an integral part of the work team
  • Minimize overhead staff
  • Implement strong project controls, and
  • Maintain open communication with clients across project teams

This approach, along with our quality assurance (QA) program, ensures the quality of our product and enables us to meet the goals of our clients in a timely and cost-effective manner. Trinity's accounting and project controls systems have been approved by the Defense Contacts Audit Agency and have been effectively employed in both a prime contractor or subcontractor role.

Corporate Experience

Trinity has provided large mission multi-task, multidisciplinary support to a number of Federal and state agencies, including U.S. Environmental Protection Agency U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission; Federal Emergency Management Agency; National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health; U.S. Department of Energy, and the State of New Mexico Environment Department We have also successfully worked on many projects as a subcontractor providing specialized capabilities in support of a prime contractor. More...


Trinity Engineering Associates is a Women-owned small business.

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