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Staff Profiles

Kimberly Wood, CEO/Senior Emergency Preparedness Advisor

Ms. Wood is Trinity's Owner and CEO, and in that role is the company's business manager and contracts specialist. She is also the project lead for the company's largest practice area, emergency response. Ms. Wood has a B.S. in Nursing and is a Registered Nurse in addition to being a certified radiological emergency response evaluator and plan reviewer. She has been part of over a dozen emergency response exercises for Federal clients and has special expertise in medical drills and hospital preparedness activities. Prior to her work at Trinity she was a critical care nurse in Charlotte, NC and Cincinnati, OH, and has over 20 years of experience with medical and emergency response activities.

David Stuenkel, Radiological Programs

Dr. Stuenkel, a Certified Health Physicist, is Trinity's Radiological Programs lead. He has a Ph.D in nuclear engineering and is a Certified Health Physicist with a strong background in radiation measurements and applications of measurement systems. He has evaluated the use of nondestructive assay systems to characterize transuranic waste, performed stochastic dose assessments to estimate the risks to workers and the public from radioactive materials in many forms, and has provided extensive support to radiological emergency preparedness programs. Dr. Stuenkel is als oa specialist in nuclear quality assurance with expereince auditing technical aspects of nuclear processes.

Robert Thielke, Quality Assurance Manager

Mr. Thielke has over 25 years experience applying quality assurance principals to environmental and health physics related activities. Mr. Thielke has developed the Trinity corporate Quality Management Plan, developing project and program quality assurance plans for dose assessment modeling software review and modification projects, preparing standard operating procedures for technical document review activities, and conducting surveillances and audits of Trinity work products. In addition to his quality activities, he also has extensive experience in regulation/criteria/guidance development; modeling exposure assessment and source characterization support; contaminated site support/technology assessment; compliance and site audit support; and training and information management support.

Connie Walker, Permits Programs

Ms. Walker has more than 25 years of professional experience, including performance and management of environmental work. As Program Manager, Ms. Walker has been responsible for work assignment staffing, work assignment oversight, Agency liaison, budget management, meeting monthly technical reporting requirements, quality control including review of final deliverables, management of subcontractor personnel, subcontractor contract development, COI review/resolution, subcontractor invoice review/approval, review of weekly LOE and ODC expenditures, and invoice preparation and review. Ms. Walker also has a M.S. in geology and has provided significant technical support to Trinity's clients, managing hundreds of individual projects and work assignments, including over 600 formal and informal deliverables.

Doug Williams, Software Programs

Mr. Williamsí computer experience extends from technical programming to web-site architecture and management. He a wide skill set in software development, including database development and implementation, multi-language programming including FORTRAN, VB, C++, Java, and a wide variety of scripting languages. His diverse experience includes implementing a Fortune 100 dynamic web site; re-architecting the USEPA radiological compliance code CAP88-PC; partnering in multiple startup web company services; architected and co-implemented an automated Jewelry manufacturing system; co-implemented a Fortunate 100 inventory system; and implemented database structures into software.

Raymond Wood, Engineering Programs

Dr. Wood is Trinity Engineering Associates, Inc. lead for projects involving nuclear sciences and nuclear quality. Dr. Wood has a Ph.D in nuclear engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer with more than 25 years of experience. In addition to his work at Trinity, he has a background in nuclear operations from ten years at Duke Power Company, and has been involved with supporting radiation assessment programs for the EPA. Dr. Wood currently holds an Adjunct appointment at the University of Cincinnati teaching graduate courses in nuclear engineering/health physics. He teaches subjects including Radiological Engineering, Radiation Effects, and Nuclear Design. He is also a Principal Investigator for the design of an advanced fuel burnup detection and analysis system for the Modular Pebble Bed Reactor project. Since 1993, Dr. Wood has been involved in developing and authoring over 50 technical reports and training programs for various clients.