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Nuclear and Radiological Engineering


Trinity can provide a wide variety of services in the fields of nuclear and radiological engineering and health physics, including:

  • Environmental Transport and Risk Assessment Modeling
  • Criticality Analysis
  • Detector Modeling
  • Instrumentation
  • Contamination Consultation
  • Training on radiation hazards and radiation protection
  • Sampling and analysis program development or review
  • Safety Analysis

For additional information about Trinity�s capabilities and services in the field of nuclear engineering and health physics, contact Kim Wood at (513) 521-3515 or krw-AT-trinityea.com.

Qualifications and Past Experience

Trinity�s staff includes professional engineers and certified health physicists, many with advanced degrees, having broad experience across the entire spectrum of nuclear/radiological engineering and health physics. Trinity staff members have experience with a wide variety of modeling and analysis codes including codes for criticality, dose, risk, and environmental transport.

Trinity has provided extensive radiological support to U.S. Federal Agencies including the USEPA, the USNRC, and the USDOE for over 20 years. For example, Trinity has

  • Updated CAP-88, the USEPA computer software system used for calculating dose and risk from annual average releases of radionuclides to the air,
  • Modeled exposure to workers in waste treatment, storage, and disposal (TSD) facilities in support of EPA�s Low Activity Rule,
  • Assessed the adequacy of nondestructive assay (NDA) systems used at to characterize transuranic waste at U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) sites,
  • Provided on-site support of a joint pilot program between EPA and U.S. Customs to monitor shipments into the Port of New Orleans in 2002, and
  • Provided health physics services at new Brunswick Lab and other locations
  • Supported accident investigations at Brookhaven national Laboratory
  • Provided radiological and environmental health physics support to the US Nuclear Regulatory Comission in their preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement for the American Centrifuge Plant

Trinity's past experience in nuclear engineering includes nuclear plant operations and maintenance, reactor physics, nuclear instrumentation design, and criticality analysis. Past radiological engineering experience includes risk assessments, radiological modeling to independently verify calculations in regulatory submittals, and worker exposure modeling. Trinity also provides training on federal standards, and providing on-site technical health physics support at various federal sites.